Personalizzazione degli champagne

In this section you will find some of the most frequently asked questions.
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Yes, all the bottles are hand painted one by one and they are all One of One

When you buy a champagne (starting July 10th, 2021) in addition to the paper certificate of authenticity you will also receive automatically a digital certificate registered within a smartcontract on the Blockchain. This technology allows us to provide a higher level of security of the actual authenticity and ownership of every single champagne designed by Teo KayKay

The registration on the blockchain serves to guarantee that you are the true owner of a original Teo KayKay(this operation is due to do actions against the copies).
- Certification of authenticity registered through one of the main player in the world ( Verisart)
- Certification that the work is not counterfeit and that it is not a copy
- Tracking on the Blockchain of the ownership of each individual champagne

Yes, in some cases the bottles of Teo KayKay have had an increase of 300% at the resell and at the auctions

All our shipments are processed the same day. We ship all our products with Express shipping the delivery time it depends on the destination country.

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Each of our champagnes is special! If you want advice you can contact us directly here

It means that each champagne is accompanied by a handwritten certificate of authenticity that certifies its authenticity (i.e. that it is not a copy). This certificate is very important because it guarantees that the work in your possession is not one of the copies that circulate on the market.
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