In 2021 Teo KayKay started a plan to support the planet and animals with his art as well.

The Montana colors used by Teo KayKay comply with high standards of quality management (ISO 9001) and environmental (ISO 14001) are certified and are a symbol of excellence.

Teo KayKay uses part of the sales of his custom champagne to plant trees of cocoa, orange, coffee, avocado, mango trees and many others, in 5 different countries around the world, capturing a minimum of -2550kg of CO2 (with same dimensions of almost 20.000 basketballs)

Teo KayKay also changed the seal tags that are no longer made of plastic and metal and replaced them with an innovative 100% Vegan material, composed of a mixture of paper, cellulose (60%) and latex that does not contain pentachlorophenol, PVC or BPA and is not harmful to health or the environment.

Its mobile phone covers are also all made with 100% biodegradable materials such as earth, onions, carrots, rice, soy etc ... As well as the T Shirts made with 100% organic cotton.

Teo KayKay also take care about the situation of abandoned cats and every year he donates part of the sales to the Mondo Baffo association from which he has also adopted a cat.

In 2021 he also remotely adopted Sara, a cat with serious problems due to a bad fall.