De Venoge Extra Brut Batman Edition
De Venoge Extra Brut Batman Edition
De Venoge

De Venoge Extra Brut Batman Edition

Verisart Certificate of Authenticity

De Venoge Princes Blanc De Noirs Flumus UV Light , realized using, acrylic colors, spray paint, markers and Street Style details

One of One bottle, hand painted in Street Art Style. A unique piece of art fot who loves champagne and art.

Each bottle needs aprox 12 work-step to be completed.

This bottle include the original signature, certificate of authenticity, coffret, original seal tag and authenticity sticker.


To switch on the bottle you must to have a UV light (you can buy it everywhere)
Any artwrok made by Teo KayKay have authenticty seal and original stickers and olographic tags. Starting from Augusut 2020 Teo KayKay has created the Certificate Of Authenticity for any new work to avoid and contrast the copies of his works.
Certificato di autenticità Teo KayKay